You and the Mount Youth Exchange Report 23.10.2021

After the breakfast on the third day of You and the Mount Youth Exchange, the participants took a trip to the nearby hills. This way they had a change to use theoretical knowledge they have acquired up until now in practice. The forty members of the team hiked together in order to reach the peak Vrch Polovrag, which they accomplished successfully within two hours. Shortly after reaching the peak and having the lunch in the mountains, they went back down and continued with other activities.

The hike turned out to be not only physical but also an educational hike. During the trip, the participants were asked to do two activities. First, they should take pictures of objects in the woods that could potentially save their lives. Second, in the groups that were formed the day before, they were supposed to shoot a video of the rescue of one of their friends who had injured head and spine.

After relaxing in the afternoon, the feedback session was help. The participants came to the conclusion that the leader’s pace was too fast and as a result the group split in many smaller groups that were not coordinated and did not speak with each other. They did not agree on any tactic before the expedition and, therefore, a lot of people was left behind. Fortunately, after the discussion they have learned our lesson to organise themselves better next time.

During the next activity after the coffee break every group had a task to write about 10 risks that can happen in the mountains. After that the participants were discussing about how to prevent them to happen. Most of the risks were repeating among the groups, for instance unexpected weather changes, avalanches, facing wild animals, hypothermia, and some of them were mentioned just once. The participants also shared their own knowledge and experience from the mountains.

The day was once again finished by the intercultural evening. On the last day of this marathon, Poland, Romania, and Slovenia were presenting the traditions, folklore, and gastronomy of their countries. The participants had an opportunity to engage in various activities and quizzes and compete for interesting prices. Just as on the nights before, the participants were taught the traditional dances of the presenting countries, and taste the traditional snacks.

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