You and the Mount Youth Exchange Report 24.10.2021

On the fourth day of the YATM Youth Exchange the participants worked on the content for the website, which aims to be a peer-to-peer resource of practical information and suggestions for safer expeditions to the mountains. They were divided into six groups, with each one having particular assignment to work on.

The first group was responsible for gathering data and videos from everyone. They ask for the participants to share the best photo and video from the mountains they have. Later, they organized the material by category and descriptions were put on the photos. Mountain-related data, gathered from internet and by surveying the participants, were put on graphs.

Second group was working on a task to present us around 20 good mountain practices. They found many stories of famous people (for example Elizabeth Revol or Bartej Bargiel) and, also, from the participants.

Group number five was doing interviews with several participants they selected. There was couple of questions. The group asked what experience the participants have in hiking, when they did their first hike, what highest peak they reached. The last question was about how program of YATM could have been done in a better way. The sixth group was so called supportive group. Members had to transfer information from one group to another and offer them help, if they needed it. They also observed coordination of each group and had to report it at the end.

After finishing the activity with the content, just before the dinner, the trainer introduced various Erasmus+ and gave suggestions to the participants on how to become more engaged. He presented the history, the funding, the different rules of the programs and, moreover, he shared some tricks and tips about applications. After the delicious dinner the participants watched a mountain-related movie. The participants  selected the 127 hours and the Everest. The movie was based on a true story of a solo hiker who had gotten in trouble in the mountains and had to cut his arm.

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