You and the Mount Youth Exchange Report 25.10.2021

The fifth day of the You and the Mount Youth Exchange began with another team work task. The subject was orientation in the mountains. The participants had to present different methods of it such as map, compass, or GPS. Some came up with really unusual ideas on how to orientate in the mountains using the objects that are around them or even the stars. Next the participants discussed tricks and tips of using nature elements in unknown terrain based on personal experience.

Moreover, onne of the two main activities was the first aid. The trainer provided us with practical and theoretical presentation on how to give the first aid in case of emergency. The participants learned how to cope with emergency in different situations. Among other things they were taught what common things we can use in these kind of situations so that we are able to help injured people in the right manner.

The final task of the day was the city treasurer orientation game in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia. All the participants were split into four groups and had to complete seventeen tasks in the city. Each of the groups was coordinated by the person from Bulgaria who knew the city best and could easily introduce it to the others. There seventeen spots in the city the participants were supposed to find and take a picture of the group members. They saw the capital city’s main attractions and tried traditional food and drinks such as Banitsa or Boza. It was really good experience. The participants were also really lucky to have the most amazing weather conditions to roam around the city.

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